X-Shot Bug Attack Double Predator Foam Dart Blaster with Crawling Bugs (12 Darts) by ZURU


$ 28.49 $ 949.99

X-Shot Bug Attack is here. Can you fight the bug invasion.. Blast invading wall-crawling bugs that serve as the perfect target practice with the X-SHOT Bug Attack Predator's 3 darts capacity rotating barrel in quick succession in seconds. Simply through your bugs on a wall, watch they crawl down and shoot them down before they escape. Features two Predators in one pack.


  • Fires darts up to 90 ft / 27 m
  • Real moving targets
  • Shoot bugs down before they land
  • Recommended Age 8+
  • Package includes: 2 x Predator, 12 x Dart, 2 x Bug

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