Adjustable Glass Pearl Back Necklace with Lariat Dangles - Handmade USA 4440N-LTI-CR-S


$ 111.00 $ 148.00


Ivory glass pearl bridal back necklace is a 1-row choker in front with two dramatic drops in back. Fold our lariat neck exactly where you want it to fall. 22" L chain includes 11 1/2" row of white pearls. Hand-made in USA. Sterling plated. Plunging back wedding gowns reach a new level when accessorized with Mariell's stunning Light Ivory pearl lariat style back necklace. With the finest quality glass pearls adorning the neck and sterling silver plated chains around the back, the off-center design allows the backdrops to dangle at uneven lengths for ultra sophisticated styling. This necklace has no clasp and is fully adjustable.

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