Woodstock Skysail Triangle WST - Discontinued as of 12/2015

Woodstock Chimes

$ 39.99 


A contemporary, elegant design with its own "skysail" to catch the breeze.

Inspired by the beauty of musical instruments, engineered to be played by the wind, this triangle is a bold addition to our product line.

Especially popular in Brazilian and Cajun music, the triangle is used in folk music from around the world as well as in classical pieces. Our triangle's simple, elegant design is reminiscent of a boat with its sails proudly waving. A skysail is traditionally the uppermost sail that readily catches the wind. Similarly, our Skysail Triangle's windcatcher is designed to catch even the slightest breeze.

Whether you hang this instrument indoors or out, its happy chiming will entice you to adventure. Head to dinner or just sail away to exciting destinations every time you hear its gentle call.

UPC: 028375237111
Dimensions: 18 in. Overall Length, 13 in. Wide
Materials: Black finish aluminum

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