Woodstock Signature Collection 28-Inch Aloha Chime, Turquoise Blue


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This chime was inspired by the island paradise we call Hawaii where beautiful sunny days are strung together like the flowers on a lei and the people are known for being warm and friendly. Although often used casually, the word aloha literally means "sharing the breath of life". So when used in a greeting, aloha implies a common humanity or spiritual essence. The sounds of this chime are both uplifting and relaxing, so you can enjoy a bit of paradise whenever the wind blows. Every part of a Woodstock Chime is weather protected. Over time, however, those layers of protection can begin to wear. To enjoy your Woodstock Chimes for-year to come, we suggest the following simple maintenance tips: Periodically, apply a thin layer of Danish or lemon oil with a clean cloth to the bamboo parts. Regular oiling will help protect the wood and retard the natural aging process. Woodstock Percussion, Inc., makers of Woodstock Chimes and the Woodstock Music Collection, is a leading manufacturer of precision-tuned windchimes, award-winning musical instruments and soothing home and garden decor. Grammy recipient Garry Kvistad and his wife, Diane, created their first product over 30-year ago in New York's Hudson Valley, where the company continues to design gifts and accessories using superior materials found around the world.


  • Silver chimes are hidden inside a bright turquoise bamboo sleeve
  • 4 Silver polished aluminum chime tubes
  • Coordinating turquoise blue bamboo windcatcher
  • Inspired by Hawaii, the sounds of this chime are both uplifting and relaxing so you can enjoy a bit of paradise whenever the wind blows
  • Overall length is 28-inch

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