Woodstock SeaScape Chime - Medium, Seafoam Green SSCSGM

Woodstock Chimes

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This tranquil chime features textured tubes with a gleaming finish.

Featuring textured tubes with a gleaming finish, this tranquil chime is tuned to an ancient Asian pentatonic scale using a pure tuning system. The inspiring sound coupled with the softly shining seafoam green tubes gives you a peaceful feeling reminiscent of a relaxing day at the beach. So, even if you're not collecting shells or sea glass, you just might be transported by this charming chime and its delightful tones. Our SeaScapes Chime will bring the tranquility of ocean waves to any room or outdoor perch.

This beautiful chime features tubes with a textured finish. Obtained through sand-blasting, the look is reminiscent of sea glass. This texture has a unique effect, as light hits the tubes from different angles, the color almost seems to shimmer. This is a chime that is best seen in person - the photos simply don't do it justice!

UPC: 028375233816
Dimensions: 24 in. Overall Length
Materials: Cherry finish ash wood, 6 seafoam green sand-textured aluminum tubes.

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