Woodstock Royal Wedding Chime IDO2-Discontinued

Woodstock Chimes

$ 96.99 $ 99.99


Inspired by the wedding of Kate Middleton to Prince William, this dramatic wind chime is tuned to a series of intervals known as Westminster Quarters, made famous by the clock tower bells at London's Palace of Westminster. The decorative cast iron top and windcatcher are reminiscent of Victorian-era craftsmanship and lend a touch of "Old-World" charm while the crystal accents sparkle like the ring he slipped on her finger when she said "yes."

A beautiful but unassuming woman in a silk taffeta bridal gown, a gilded horse-drawn carriage, and a wave to the cheering crowds en route to the cathedral - these are some of the hallmarks of a "fairytale wedding." Marrying a handsome prince may be every young girl's fantasy, but sometimes dreams do come true.

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