Woodstock Pan Flute blue KPANL

Woodstock Chimes

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An easy-to-play flute that has wonderful tone. Only from Woodstock!

The Pan Flute is one of the oldest musical instruments with roots in Greek mythology. According to myth, the god Pan made and played a flute of cane to remind him of his lost love. Players young or old will not be lost, but will love playing this high-quality, great sounding pan flute.
Be the life of the party! This larger Woodstock Pan Flute is more than a toy - its eight tubes have a wonderful tone, even a beginner will sound great. Download your favorite songs from our website and go to town - the musical notes are indicated on the instrument's tubes, so it's easy to learn to make music. This bright blue flute is fun, safe and beautifully "in tune."
Only from Woodstock!

UPC: 028375251315
Age Grade: Ages 3 and up
Dimensions: 6.75 in. Long x 5.5 in. Wide

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