Woodstock Natural Penguin Babies Welly DCPBW

Woodstock Chimes

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I'm a cute penguin baby. I'm about 6.5 inches tall in my welly rain boots.

These Penguin Babies wearing colorful welly rain boots come with a natural finish. Each penguin is hand carved and hand painted and sports a pair of patterned welly rain boots in one of 5 different styles (red with white flowers, blue with white dots, green with white dots, black with large and small white dots and white with red hearts).

Because they are handmade, each penguin is unique, with its own name, pose and personality. No two penguins are exactly alike; each comes with its name printed on a cotton card name tag.

Hand carved from sustainable bamboo root and reclaimed teak, these penguin babies like to live indoors. If your customers want to put them outside please suggest they apply a coat of exterior varnish, taking special care of the joints, legs, wings and boots.

UPC: 028375261314
Dimensions: 6.5 in. Tall
Materials: Sustainable bamboo root, reclaimed teak.

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