Woodstock Massage Chime w/ Bonus CD MAS

Woodstock Chimes

$ 54.99 $ 58.99


Original soundtrack and a classic Woodstock design are an irresistible duo.

This refreshing chime, tuned to a relaxing ancient scale still heard throughout the world, serves as the soloist which is accompanied by the harmonically-related original music on the included CD. The Music for Massage CD has been designed to accompany your massage session of up to 77 minutes with music that encourages deep breathing, a calm body and a present state of mind. Treating yourself to the special care and attention of a massage is like a mini-vacation as the body unwinds the mind is quieted and healing begins on many levels. The Massage Chime is a gateway to total relaxation and a massage for your spirit as well, whether you listen to it solo or with the CD.

UPC: 028375224418
Dimensions: 25 in. Overall Length
Materials: Teak finish ash wood, 5 black aluminum tubes.

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