Woodstock Isabelle's Dancing Butterfly - Lime IDBL

Woodstock Chimes

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Brighten your imagination with Isabelle's dream of music, color & movement.

Featuring a beautiful, lime green-colored, wire-sculpted butterfly as its windcatcher, this chime is perfect for the young and the young at heart. Available in a variety of other colors; your customers will want to collect them all!

Perhaps in a dream, while exploring an enchanted forest, Isabelle came upon a sun-warmed clearing. She spotted a captivating butterfly flitting among the colorful wildflowers. "It's like she's dancing just for me," thought Isabelle and she began to imagine the spirited music of the dance. Capture the delightful song of Isabelle's Dancing Butterfly to brighten your imagination with music, color and movement.

The bright Isabelle wood finish colors might fade in direct sunlight. We recommend they be hung indoors or in a sheltered area.

UPC: 028375253913
Dimensions: 15 in. Overall Length
Materials: Lime green finish pine wood, 5 silver aluminum tubes, lime green color coated wire butterfly windcatcher.

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