Woodstock Harp Chime - Gecko, Silver HARG - Discontinued as of 10/2015

Woodstock Chimes

$ 30.99 $ 32.99


This charming gecko is equally welcoming day or night!

Aligned like the strings of a harp, the seven rods of our Woodstock Harp Chime tranquilly resonate. The musical tones they produce cascade gracefully and create a waterfall of sound.

This chime is presided over by a silver guardian gecko that contrasts beautifully with a midnight black top. Geckos are twilight creatures that are said to bring blessings and dreams when they are near. In Hawaii geckos are a reminder to overcome obstacles by bringing an end to conflict. In addition, the gecko's chirp is often taken to be an affirmation of spiritual significance.
,br>Whether you hang it indoors or out, let our gecko's song be an affirmation for you.

UPC: 028375236510
Dimensions: 16 in. Overall Length
Materials: Black finish ash wood, 7 polished silver aluminum rods, nickel-plated steel gecko

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