Woodstock Harp Chime - Butterfly, Silver HARB

Woodstock Chimes

$ 39.99 $ 49.99


Modern design meets nature in this appealing, graceful chime.

Aligned like the strings of a harp, the seven rods of our Woodstock Harp Chime tranquilly resonate. The musical tones they produce cascade gracefully and create a waterfall of sound. This chime is presided over by a filigreed silver butterfly that contrasts beautifully with a midnight black top.

A symbol of metamorphosis, the butterfly reminds us to flow with the turning tides of nature and start anew.¿ One may be as accepting as the caterpillar when change is inevitable.

Whether you hang it indoors or out, this harp's music calls you to emerge from transitions as brilliantly as a butterfly.

UPC: 028375236817
Dimensions: 16 in. Overall Length
Materials: Black finish ash wood, 7 polished silver aluminum rods, nickel-plated steel butterfly

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