Woodstock Colorful Waterfall Havana Capiz Wind Chime Outdoor Windchimes CWH New


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. Havana Waterfall Capiz Wind Chime. Made from wood top with capiz. Approximately 40 inches tall (1m). Includes original manufacturers packaging – no box. Made by Woodstock. This dramatic cascade features the bright colors of Cuba.. Capiz are farmed in Indonesia and every bit is used. The pieces are carefully sorted, dried, sliced, shaped, sanded and dyed. Strung together with strong, invisible nylon cord, the thin, flat translucent pieces provide luminous color.. In the 1500s, capiz were used as windowpanes in houses; now they are used in all sorts of home decorations, including lampshades and vases and (of course) windchimes! . Woodstock chimes are known around the world for their innovative design, superior quality, and beautiful sound; hand-crafted, musically-tuned, created by Grammy award-winning musician and instrument maker Garry Kvistad

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