Woodstock Chimes WPJBR Prairie Jasper Chime, Bronze

Woodstock Chimes

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Alluring pentatonic scale & Genuine stone accents offer lasting pleasure. This wind chime is tuned to a pentatonic scale which has pleased the senses for centuries. This five-note scale, tuned using the pure system of just intonation, is known throughout the world. This welcoming wind chime incorporates warm earth colors with its genuine stone accents, Bronze tubes & teak-finish wood parts. Prairie jasper is an opaque, petrified stone whose color comes from mineral deposits. It often contains organic material & Mineral oxides which give it interesting patterns. This chimes windcatcher has twopiece, a center leaf encircled by a ring of stone. It takes Prairie jasper time to form, But your Prairie jasper chime will delight you in no time at all. In 1979, grammy award-winning musician & instrument designer garry kvistad created the first Woodstock Chime from an aluminum lawn chair he found in a landfill. Fascinated by the scale of Olympos, a 7th century pentatonic scale that can't be played on a modern piano, Garry cut & tuned The lawn chair tubes to the exact frequency of the ancient scale. The resulting Chimes of Olympos was the first Woodstock Chime & is still one of our best selling, musically-tuned wind chimes. Garry & his wife Diane still develop the chimes today as part of their family-owned business in New York's Hudson Valley. Woodstock Chimes - the world's favorite windchime.

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