Woodstock Chimes of Westminster WWS

Woodstock Chimes

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Plays the familiar notes of London's Big Ben, pealing out glorious sound.

The unique sound of these long tubes is the result of the special way our brain perceives the vibrations from our ear known as the missing fundamental (when a sound's overtones suggest a frequency to our ear which the sound itself lacks). Our Chimes of Westminster play the same traditional and joyous melody as the Westminster Quarters heard in the streets of central London for over 150 years.

Pause a brief while with me, to hear
The chimes which are floating sweet and clear,
Above the city's rush and roar,
As a wild bird's song by a lakelet's shore;
From Westminster Chimes by Maxwell Gray

UPC: 028375021116
Dimensions: 58 in. Overall Length
Materials: Cherry finish ash wood, 5 silver aluminum tubes.

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