Woodstock Chimes of Mars, Bronze- Encore Collection

Woodstock Chimes

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In music, the word Encore means more as called by an audience at the end of a concert. The Woodstock Encore collection chimes are designed to be more windchime in every way more colors, sizes and value. Each windchime is precisely hand tuned to a 5 note pentatonic scale. The pentatonic scale is particularly well suited to windchimes because all of the notes are harmonious. Any combination of Encore chimes will always play beautifully together, creating a rich soundscape.


  • Rich bronze-color tubes and beautiful, uplifting harmonies from a small-size, classic-style wind chime tuned to a 5 note pentatonic scale
  • 5 Bronze-colored aluminum tubes; bubinga-finish wood top and wind catcher; durable, braided nylon cord
  • The smallest, personal-sized chimes of mercury to the largest, deep-voiced chimes of neptune
  • All encore chimes sound beautiful together because the notes in their pentatonic scale are always in harmony, no matter how they are played
  • Measures 17-inches overall length ; 14-inches from the top wooden piece to the bottom of the wind catcher; longest tube is 8-inches

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