Woodstock Chimes MMBF Magical Mystery Chime, 39", Butterfly's Farewell

Woodstock Chimes

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This Woodstock magical mystery 39 in. Chimes - butterflies farewell incorporates an acoustic phenomenon known as acoustic doubling to magically play The climactic melody from “ madame butterfly any old time The wind blows. The terminology may sound confusing & the wind may make it all seem simple but the result will undoubtedly be music to your ears! The chime features a Teak finish on Ash wood as 10 Silver anodized tubes take in the Breeze & make the music come to life. Also features nylon chording & a high-density striker. Created by professional musician Garry Kvistad, Woodstock Chimes feature original & innovative designs that will add beauty & elegance to your home. Each chime has been tuned to create the purest, most beautiful musical intervals. Kvistad incorporates tunings of scales from many different cultures throughout the world to create unique, inspiring sounds & styles. It's easy to find the chime that's right for you at Woodstock, home of the original precision-tuned wind chime. Teak finish ash wood. 10 Silver anodized aluminum tubes. For outdoor or indoor use.


  • Tuned to notes from the finale of puccini's madame butterfly
  • Teak finish ash wood, 10 Silver aluminum tubes
  • Length: 39'' Overall chime length is measured from top of gather ring/ knob to bottom of wind catcher
  • Must be heard! Special acoustic effect makes "madam butterfly" Soar!
  • In 1979, Grammy award-winning musician and instrument designer garry kvistad created the first Woodstock Chime from an aluminum lawn Chair he found in a landfill; garry and his wife diane founded Woodstock Chimes in 1979 And still develop the chimes today

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