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Product Description Fortune – the prosperity and abundance yielded by a state of balance and harmony. According to ancient wisdom, the gentle tones of this chime help create a balance of natural energies and attract happiness and good fortune to your home. Feng Shui, the art and science of living in harmony with the environment, has been practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years. The tuning of this chime was chosen through consultation with another great body of Chinese wisdom, the I Ching. The windcatcher has been specially designed to reflect and refract light, further enhancing the chimes beneficial properties. Feng Shui doctrine recommends hanging this chime above a door or in the west or northwest corner of your home. Woodstock Chimes are the original, musically-tuned, high-quality windchimes known worldwide for their superior sound. When listening to a Woodstock Chime, you hear a fine musical instrument played by the wind, perfectly hand-tuned using the ancient system of “just intonation” based on natural harmonics. This means the frequencies at which the different tubes vibrate are related to one another by simple whole-number ratios. Tones that are related in this way produce the most beautiful musical intervals. The sonic effect is exceptionally pure and soothing. More than 30 years ago, the first Woodstock Chime was created by founder and owner Garry Kvistad from an aluminum lawn chair he found in a landfill. As a professional musician and instrument designer, he was fascinated by the Scales of Olympos, a 7th century pentatonic scale that can’t be played on a modern piano. Garry had the idea to cut and tune the lawn chair tubes to the exact frequency of the ancient scale. The resulting Chimes of Olympos was the first Woodstock Chime and is still one of our bestselling windchimes. Garry and his wife Diane founded Woodstock Percussion, Inc. in 1979 and it remains a family-owned business in New York’s Hudson Valley. Amazon.com No longer is feng shui just a technique of organizing your physical surroundings--you can also use it to harmonize your audio environment with Woodstock's calming feng shui chimes. Designed to "balance energies and attract happiness and good fortune to your home," these chimes have been tuned in accordance with ancient Chinese feng shui principals. Made in the USA from cherry wood treated to endure season after season of outdoor use, these chimes feature silver aluminum tubing and a wind catcher inscribed with a design to bring good fortune. Company founder Garry Kvistad has developed an advanced method of tuning used on every Woodstock chime: each tube is analyzed digitally with a microphone under the tube measuring the frequency, and cutters are instructed to remove just the right amount of material to produce the most precise tuning possible. The result is a purer, more harmonious sound. Woodstock prides itself on being a socially responsible company, explaining that "through the sale of our chimes we proudly support the arts, as well as many environmental and humanitarian causes." Add some feng shui to your yard or garden while contributing to the harmony of the earth. --Ariel Meadow Stallings


  • A small wind chime tuned to 5 musical notes derived in consultation with the I ching, an ancient Chinese text of divination
  • 5 Silver-colored aluminum tubes; cherry wood top and clapper, cherry wood and hologram wind catcher; durable, braided nylon cord
  • It is intended to enrich the environment of home or office with its bright tones and sparkling, holographic wind catcher
  • One of a series of 4 wind chimes with complementary tunings: energy, imagination, fortune, and peace chimes
  • Measures 15-inches overall length; 12-inches from the top wooden piece to the bottom of the wind catcher; longest tube is 5.5-inches

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