Woodstock Capiz Solar Chime - White Diamonds SCWD

Woodstock Chimes

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A wondrous combination of light and sound with a solar-powered light.

This amazing chime includes an integrated solar-powered light that comes on automatically when the sun goes down.

Capiz are farmed in Indonesia and every bit is used. The pieces are carefully sorted, dried, sliced, shaped, sanded and dyed. Strung together with strong, invisible nylon cord, the thin, flat translucent pieces provide luminous color.

In the 1500s, capiz were used as windowpanes in houses; now they are used in all sorts of home decorations, including lamp shades and vases and (of course) windchimes!

This Capiz Solar Chime incorporates a solar-powered light that provides mood lighting for your outdoor entertainment area. After recharging all day, the light in the chime automatically turns on at night. The effect is breathtaking - the gentle music from the chime combines with soft light that moves and dances as the capiz move in the breeze.

This wonderful capiz chime was handcrafted with pride by artisans in Bali.

UPC: 028375212514
Dimensions: 24 in. Overall Length, 8 in. Wide
Materials: 1" white capiz (160 total square capiz), black steel frame, solar-powered light.

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