Woodstock Bells & Birds -Turquoise HBBT

Woodstock Chimes

$ 32.99 $ 34.99


A soft song plays as these two hummingbirds dance in the wind.

Our Woodstock Habitats series celebrates the variety of nature around us. From butterflies to blue whales, the Earth teems with life. Areas that sustain life are called habitats, and each habitat is part of an interconnected system that makes the richness of our life on Earth possible.

Made of cast metal with a blue-green patina and adorned with turquoise stone accents, this design incorporates one of our favorite animals, the hummingbird and other reminders of nature. These elements of nature enhance your habitat visually and add lovely tones to your garden.

UPC: 028375236114
Dimensions: 16 in. Overall Length
Materials: Black finish ash wood, verdigris finish cast aluminum, verdigris finish brass, stone accents

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