Woodstock Bellissimo Bells - Midnight CYBRM

Woodstock Chimes

$ 57.99 $ 59.99


A ring of sound is produced as 6 colorful bells ring crisply in the wind.

These six crisp, clean sounding bells each have a midnight blue glass accent to add to their sophisticated look. The black aluminum rings encircle the beautiful crystal centers.

Bellissimo is Italian for beautiful. It can describe the glow of a Tuscan sunset, the flawless splendor of Michelangelo's David or the provocative smile of an attractive stranger. It's also the perfect word to describe this elegant bell. Its bold look and sophisticated design make the Woodstock Bellissimo Bells - Midnight equally at home in a Manhattan loft or an Italian villa. And its pure sound will say Benvenuto! to all who enter.

UPC: 028375254712
Dimensions: 27 in. Overall Length
Materials: 6 black aluminum bells, blue crystal accents.

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