Woodstock Barn Bells - Rooster Bell WBBR - Discontinued as of 10/2015

Woodstock Chimes

$ 47.99 $ 49.99


This rooster doesn't crow, rather it has a rich, authentic cowbell tone.

Cowbells are found throughout the world in many shapes and sizes, serving to protect cattle by letting their owners know where they are grazing. Designed with farm animal silhouettes, these folksy Barn Bells are reminiscent of simpler times when a rooster served as your alarm clock. Hang a Woodstock Barn Bell by your outbuilding or garden - or use it to bring a country setting indoors.

The gentle tones of this bell will welcome your family and friends every time the wind blows.

UPC: 028375235711
Dimensions: 18 in. Overall Length, 2.75 in. Diameter Bell
Materials: Antiqued copper steel top and bell, black wash finish ash wood windcatcher

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