Wonder Crew® Adventure Pack Builder 5945

Play Monster

$ 29.95 $ 41.95

Go anywhere. Be anything.®

Wonder Crew® combines the adventure of an action figure with the emotional connection of a stuffed animal to give children a best friend! The Accessory Gear allows children to switch up the adventure with an outfit for the buddy and a matching accessory for the child...because it’s “adventure through friendship!” With the Snuggler set, children can dress their buddy in comfy PJs, while they cuddle with their cozy matching blanket, and the best friends can snuggle and talk, or drift off to sleep to have adventurous dreams! Buddy not included.

Wonder Crew® was developed by a therapist to promote social and emotional learning, build confidence and imagination, and empower boys to see themselves as important, creative and strong people.

Ages 3 & up
Contents: Buddy Pajamas, Child-Sized Blanket

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