Ultimate Spider-Man Sinister Six Spider-Man Hero FX Glove


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This Spider-Man Hero FX glove lets kids imagine that they are joining the battle against the bad guys as the wall-crawling web-slinger himself! When kids put on the glove, they can trigger the button on the center of the glove’s palm like Spidey when he triggers his webs. When they push the button, web-slingers-in-training will hear the rapid-fire sounds of web-slinging, battling, and the classic “thwip” that let villains and criminals know that Spidey is coming, which means that they don’t stand a chance! With the Spider-Man Hero FX glove, kids can imagine what it’s like to be their friendly neighborhood web-slinger as he takes down the bad guys and battles on the side of justice. Copyright 2015 Marvel. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.


  • Features web-slinging sound effects
  • Use button on palm to activate
  • Imagine joining web-slinging battles like Spider-Man
  • Glove is one size fits most
  • Includes 1 Hero FX Glove.

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