Tree Hopper Match Stacks - On The Farm

Tree Hopper

$ 14.96 $ 20.00

MATCH STACKS™ is the Tree Hopper twist on the classic educational game of memory. Flip the durable discs over and see who can remember where the various fun items/animals are hidden. But there is a lot more excitement to be had inside that reusable tube.
Young toddlers will love to make noise by pouring out the 16 wooden discs made from sustainable hardwoods. You will place them back into the tube and watch as they pour them out again and again. It does not get old. For them.
As their coordination and vocabulary grows, they will begin to build towers and recognize the colorful and playful screen printed graphics. You will quiz them as they stack. And right when you are marveling at their vocabulary they will knock those towers over because the enjoyment of noise lasts a very long time.
Children will keep coming back over and over as they continue to find new ways to enjoy and learn from MATCH STACKS™.
  • 100% Made in America
  • Age appropriate for 1+

Safety Approved!

MATCH STACKS™ towers are known to be able to be knocked over by toddlers, but nonetheless MATCH STACKS™ have been approved as Safety Compliant for ASTM F963-11, US CPSTA, EN71, AS/NZS 8124 and Canada.


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