Think Fun Safari Rush Hour Board Game


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Feel the rumble of the herd in this exciting safari adventure! Set up the game grid according to the challenge card, then maneuver your Escape Rover through a safari of wild animals. Rush Hour fans will love the new challenge of the larger 7 x 7 game grid and the Escape Rover that moves in all directions. Safari Rush Hour, as part of ThinkFun special collection of STEM games, encourages children to develop reasoning skills through fun, multi-level challenges. To be a successful STEM learner, students need to develop a mental mindset for growth. As explained in her book, Mindsets in the Classroom, Mary Cay Ricci implemented a Growth Mindset Project that inserted ThinkFun games into 53 classrooms. She writes: "These games, in partnership with growth mindsets lessons, showed unexpected results in just 7 months. Not only did the teachers report increased motivation and persistence, but the data showed growth in reasoning abilities All 6 schools averaged growth of 8 percentile points in analogical reasoning and 7 percentile points for quantitative reasoning.".


  • Encourages children to develop logic and deductive reasoning skills essential for a modern STEM education
  • This edition of the classic Rush Hour game features an Escape Rover and wild animal pieces on a larger game grid
  • Includes forty multi-level challenges with solutions
  • For Grades 2-8

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