The Game of Life: Yo-kai Watch Edition

Hasbro Gaming

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Product Description Introducing The Game of Life: Yo-kai Watch edition game in which players choose to play as Nate, Katie, Bear, or Eddie, and then set off on exciting adventures! Players explore the city and discover Yo-kai in all different places -- on the beach, at the school, the forest, and at the park. The game spinner might send a player in an unexpected direction, but they can also use their Watch Detection Power cards to capture more Yo-kai! The first player to return home with 3 Yo-kai game medals wins! The game features 2 exclusive Yo-kai Medals (not part of the gameplay.) For 2 to 4 players. Copyright LEVEL-5/YWP Spin to Win is a trademark of The Trustee of the Reuben B. Klamer L.T. The Hasbro Gaming and The Game of Life names and logos are trademarks of Hasbro. Brand Story By Yokai Watch


  • Family favorite The Game of Life game features Yo-kai Watch characters
  • Capture the Yo-kai
  • Includes 16 Yo-kai board game medals including 2 exclusive Yo-kai Watch Medals
  • For 2 to 4 players
  • Includes game board, spinner with base, 4 character tokens, 38 cards (4 watch, 4 character, 4 bonus, and 26 event cards), 16 Yo-kai board game medals, 8 Spin to Win tokens, game guide and 2 exclusive Yo-kai Medals (not part of gameplay).

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