The Dangerous Book for Boys Classic Chemistry Science Kit


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Share: "The Dangerous Book for Boys" was a national bestseller that has spawned the "Dangerous Book for Boys" Chemistry Set. Featuring an informative,well-designed instruction book and retro packaging that mirrors the nostalgic design of the "Dangerous Book for Boys," the chemistry set offers a variety of experiments that teach as well as entertain. Created for children ages eight and up, the toy offers numerous opportunities for parent-child collaboration and bonding. Parents will definitely want to supervise when kids are using this set since it contains potentially harmful chemicals. However, a little danger, is all in the spirit of the "Dangerous Book for Boys." The Dangerous Book for BoysClassic Chemistry Ages: 8+ Requires: Various household materials and supplies to perform experiments What We Think Fun factor: Durability: Ease of assembly: Educational factor: Novelty factor: The Good: A wide variety of experiments teach kids about elements, atomic structure, the periodic table, and more. The Challenging: Potentially harmful chemicals means parents need to supervise. In a Nutshell: Educational toy with a nostalgic feel will teach, entertain, and foster bonding with your child. This is a real chemistry set that allows kids to conduct their own experiments. . The set comes with real chemical reagents, for use in various experiments. . So Many Experiments, So Little Time The chemistry set comes with the equipment and chemicals to perform a wide variety of experiments. Sturdy plastic test tubes, pipettes, beakers, and other supplies are included, as well as potassium, sodium, and ammonium iron. A number of the experiments are performed with items that you supply yourself. You're likely to have some needed items lying around, while others, like purple cabbage (used in the experiment titled "Testing Acids and Bases"), will have to be sought out. Because of this, children might want to read through the book and plan ahead, so they have the materials on hand for experiment day. A cardboard test tube rack is included, which is a good idea, but could prove flimsy in the heat of frenzied scientific experimentation. The chemical vials are child-resistant and must be opened with the help of the safety lid opener that is included. Smoky, Smelly, Slimy, and Soapy Chemistry The colorful 32-page instruction book not only provides detailed direction for the experiments, it's also filled with great background information about chemistry. Younger kids might prefer to get straight to the experiments rather than doing all the reading (the print is on the small side), but there are plenty of fun illustrations to catch the eye of the younger chemist. Science-obsessed older kids will enjoy the informative and humorous content of this guide, including chapters like "Is Chemistry Really Dangerous?" Experiments cover a wide range of concepts, including the elements, titration, organic chemistry, plastics, and much more. Most experiments are relatively easy to do, but kids need to pay close attention to the directions, and parents should always supervise. The experiments labeled "Smoky, Smelly, Slimy, and Soapy Chemistry" are sure to be a big hit with your child. What's in the Box 32-page color manual; safety goggles; equipment, including test tubes, pipettes, and beakers; chemicals for experiments, including potassium and ammonium iron; 9-volt battery clip; fasteners; rods; cardboard pieces; ping-pong ball; safety lid opener; drinking straws; and measuring spoon. From the Manufacturer Classic Chemistry: The Dangerous Book for Boys Chemistry set. Based on the bestselling children's book The Dangerous Book for Boys, this kit presents chemistry every kid should know through fun, engaging, and impressive experiments and activities. Learn about atoms, elements, and the periodic table by building simple models. Experiment with compounds, mixtures, solutions, and suspensions. Discover ionic and covalent bonding. Perform chemical reactions involving ac

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