Thames & Kosmos Solar Power Plus

Thames & Kosmos

$ 84.38 

Product Description This science kit lets you build your own solar-powered gizmos and learn a bit about how solar cells generate electricity in the process. You get 256 building pieces to assemble 22 models include a scooter, a locomotive, a forklift, a beach buggy, oil tanker, helicopter and more. You can even use the kit to make a solar-powered rechargeable battery charger. Under bright sunlight, the solar panels generate about the same power as a pair of AA batteries, which can be used as a substitute power source when you want to use your gadgets in low light. Includes a 48-page, full-color instruction manual with step-by-step instructions for building each of the 22 models. Pieces (qty.): 256, Solar Power Compatible: Yes, Battery Type: AA From the Manufacturer Gigantic Photovoltaics Science Lab. Build your own solar powered creations and discover how solar cells generate electricity. Assemble 22 models including a scooter, locomotive, forklift, road roller, cement mixer, solar wind sail car, crane, amphibious boat, motorcycle, trailer, elevator, oil tanker, maintenance car, solar car with clutch, street sweeper, backhow, helicopter, twin prop ariplane, and cable car. This kit includes two of the special solar panels and cradles from the Solar Power Kit, which can be connected in series to generate up to 3.0 volts of electricity in bright sunlight. Power the models you build with the solar panels outside on sunny days or indoors under a high wattage incandescent light buld. Power your models anytime with AA batteries or even a combination of AA battery and solar panel. This kit teaches basic concepts in solar energy, photovoltaic's, and circuits, as well as problem solving skills and creative thinking. 48 page color instruction book. 265 building pieces.

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