Thames & Kosmos Science Experiments On The Go


$ 14.99 

From the Manufacturer Take your experiments on the road with this travel-friendly science kit. The kit includes everything you need to do fun experiments on road trips, plane flights, train rides, and vacations. Assemble a simple pair of binoculars and learn how they work. Set up a mini cable car to run between car windows or airplane tray tables. Explore rotational speed with a spinning disk experiment. Build a balance scale to measure weights. Calculate how far a distance is on a map, and how fast you are traveling. Learn fun facts about migrating animals and how fast Earth is traveling through space. Experiment with a mini boomerang. Observe optical illusions with a spinning top. Make a “lenticular” postcard that looks different depending on the viewing angle.


  • Travel-friendly experiments for the car, plane, or train
  • Includes all the materials you need to perfom 10 different expeiremnts
  • Experiment with binoculars, rotational speed, balance sales, optical illusions, and more
  • Ages 8 and up
  • New 2012 Item - includes 8-page full-color manual

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