Thames & Kosmos Barbie Plant Science Kit Science Experiment Kit


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Barbie and her friends Take a trip to a vegetable and flower farm. While at the farm, They conduct a number of experiments with plants and learn many lessons in plant biology. As you read the story, you can perform experiments alongside Barbie to learn about plants. Experiment with water-absorbent soil pellets and set up a small greenhouse to grow garden cress. Observe the effects of water, soil, sunlight, temperature, and contamination on the plants. Plant peas and make a maze for your Pea plants to follow. Grow four different types of flowers from seeds: marigold, zinnia, phlox, and Dianthus. Set up a plant stand for your potted flowers. Make seed bombs and decorate plaster garden stones to adorn your greenhouse and potted plants. The kit includes a 16-page illustrated storybook manual, greenhouse, six types of plant seeds, plant pots and dishes, soil pellets, and other tools and materials for the experiments.


  • Learn lessons in plant biology with fun, hands-on experiments
  • Grow six types of plants
  • Includes 16-page storybook STEM activity book

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