Terminator T1 Spinnerbait-Colorado/Willow, Nickel/Gold Blade (Gold Shiner, 3/8-Ounce)


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Product Description Patented Snapback Titanium frame provides the truest-running, longest-lasting spinnerbait. Features: - Realistic metallized baitfish head design - Quick Skirt changeable premium silicone skirt - Premium ball bearing swivel - Exclusive beveled edge blade design creates more flash and baitfish look in the water - Premium VMC hook Specifications: - Weight: 3/8 oz. - Blade: Colorado/Willow - Blade Finish: Nickel/Gold - Color: Gold Shiner - Quantity: Package of 1 From the Manufacturer Constructed of SnapBack titanium, these long-lasting spinnerbaits will keep running true strike after strike. The metallic baitfish head has produces realistic flash and color. Painted gold- and nickel-plated blades with beveled edges add extra enticing action. The QuickSkirt silicone skirts are easy to replace. Premium ball bearing swivel. Premium VMC hook.


  • Unique changeable silicone QuickSkirts with power pulse Trailer extensions
  • Patented SnapBack Titanium wire frame provides the truest-running, longest-lasting spinnerbaits
  • Forage based patterns and extended accent tails provide an exaggerated flowing presentation
  • Traditional blade combinations enhance flash and vibration
  • Exclusive beveled edge blade design and Premium VMC hook

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