Stratego® Waterloo 7473

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$ 65.95 $ 95.95

Your challenge: Do better than Napoleon!

Two hundred years ago, Napoleon was beaten by Wellington and Blucher at Waterloo. With Stratego Waterloo, you can now relive and refight that battle…perhaps with a different outcome! Play the Basic, Standard or Expert version of the game for a wide variety of action and suspense, and battle to sever your opponent’s lines of retreat and win!

For 2 players
Ages 12 and up
Contents: Game Board, 47 Blue Pieces, 45 Red Pieces, 13 Black Pieces, Battle Die, 2 Hill Tiles, 2 Mud Tiles, 3 Building Tiles, 15 Maneuver Cards, 6 Line of Retreat Cards, 12 "Weakened" Blocks, 6 Building Counters, 3 Ownership Flags, Turn Counter, Rules

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