Smart Start Puppy Up


$ 27.95 

It's the Tipsy, Topsy Numbers Game that includes three levels of play: number recognition, counting and addition! Pick a card and practice counting or adding the puppies and checking your answer by balancing numbers and puppies on the adorable scale! It's an entertaining way to introduce children to math and get them excited about learning! For 1 to 4 players, ages 3 and up. Children also have fun weighing other household many puppies does this or that toy weigh? And the puppies are toys themselves, too! It's tons of fun with STEM! Colors will vary.


  • Choose the right number of puppies to match the number, and then balance them on the scale to see if you're right!
  • STEM with multiple levels of play: number recognition, counting and addition!
  • Includes 30 2-Sided Cards, 19 Puppies, 10 Numbers, Puppy Scale, Rules; no batteries required. Colors may vary.
  • Play with the puppies, numbers and scale even when you're not playing the game…weigh other toys and objects!
  • Because the scale is a toy, you must first level it with your hands, and when you let go it will stay if it's balanced, or one side will bottom out if not.

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