Sketchy Stories: Hilarious Adult Party Game Where Bad Drawings are Welcome


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sketchy stories: a family party game about terrible drawings and ridiculous guesses Just like most party games for large groups, the rules are simple. Everyone chooses a scenario card, then tries to Sketch it before passing it on. The next player then writes down What they think the drawing is, then passes it on once again for the next player to draw. By the time everyone's delightful drawings and guesses pass through their friends’ weird minds, things will have gone horribly wrong. Then it's most grin wins! there’s all sorts of strange scenarios in this drawing game, from ‘beating up a JELLYFISH’ to ‘being abducted by butterflies’. so, if you're looking for board games that you can play with adults and your family, look no further. Whether you're trying to scrawl a ‘garbage horse’ or make sense of your friends ‘haunted oven’, you're guaranteed to be left in tears. Let just hope they're tears of Joy.


  • BAD ARTISTS WELCOME: A party game for teens and adults where the worse you are at drawing, the better.
  • DISCO DIAPERS TO BUTT BONGOS: Choose one of 240 Scenarios and do your best to draw it on a card.
  • DRAW, GUESS, LAUGH, REPEAT: Once you’ve finished, pass it on and try to describe the new drawing in front of you.
  • MOST GRINS WINS: By the time it gets back to you, things will have gone horribly wrong. In this drawing game you win points for the funniest drawings and guesses.
  • EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: An ideal party game for teens and adults. Recommended for 4-8 players, aged 14 and up.

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