SICK Science! Snot Science, Terror Twister, Gravity Beads 3-Pack

SICK Science

$ 37.49 

Three SICK Science experiment kits you can do at home that are guaranteed to generate oohs and aahs. SICK Science kits promote critical thinking and open-ended learning, with step-by-step instructions. Plus they are cool S.T.E.M. science tricks designed to engage kids in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. These kits are great for science fairs. Includes SICK Science! Snot Science, SICK Science! Terror Twister, and SICK Science! Gravity Beads. SICK Science! Snot Science experiment kit teaches kids about molecular weights, structures and polymers. Just add water and this powder will make a slimey goo that will amaze. With a little help from you, this polymer snot will pull itself uphill right out of a cup. SICK Science! Terror Twister experiment kit is a tornado in a bottle that illustrates how items move in a tornado. Grab a couple of used one or two liter bottles and create your own tiny twister. SICK Science! Gravity Beads experiment kit is a fantastic and colorful introduction to physics and inertia. Learn how to use physics concepts like inertia and potential energy to empty this 20 feet (6m) strand of Gravity Beads onto the floor in seconds, while the container remains in an upright position the entire time. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

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