Sick Science Color Chem Kit, Discover the Science of Color with 9 Insanely Cool Experiments, Perfect Stem and Steam Chemistry Set - Ages 6 To 96


$ 25.95 $ 35.11

Ahh, the sweet smell of science. Invite your friends over to share in the wonders of science with the Sick Science Color Chem Kit. This set takes you through numerous chemistry experiences that you will swear are magic. You will get to explore acids, bases, and indicators that will amaze your friends and family. Have fun and hone your brain too.This set includes 9 insanely cool experiments. There is color changing heat sensitive paper which you can use to create hidden messages. There are color changing liquids that revert back to their original color. There is an acidity tester that you can smell working, and so much more.For its dedication to providing awe inspiring transformations and STEM and STEAM experiences, the Sick Science Color Chem Kit was a Top 20 Product at the 2014 Toy Fair. Parents, kids, and organizations all love the educational fun science kits like this one offer to youngsters.The creative brains at Steve Spangler Science have created another masterpiece that challenges inquisitive minds to wonder, discover, and explore. Sick Science allows kids to create their own sweet science experiences at home that are sure to get oohs and ahhs. They also have a line of comprehensive, videos online to help you imagine new and endless science possibilities and explain the science behind them.Package includes (1) Sick Science Color Chem Kit with (2) Sheets of Heat-Sensitive Paper;15 milliliter Sodium Carbonate Solution; 0.1 Gram Phenolpthalein Indicator; (3) Jumbo Plastic Test Tubes with Lids; (1) Plastic Test Tube Rack; (4) 4 Ounce Cups; (4) Plastic Pipettes; 3 Gram Red Cabbage Powder; 10 pH Paper Strips; and Instructions. For ages 6 and up.

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