Shopkins Happy Places Season 2 Decorator Pack Bunny Laundry


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Have some good clean fun and get things sparkling in your Bunny Laundry! Buckets, mops and brushes and heaps of little details! • The Decorators pack contains: 3 medium Petkins, 8 small Petkins, 4 Mini Petkins, 2 tiles and a catalog. So many things to help you add those finishing touches to a room! There are 1000s of ways to decorate and play!


  • Get things sparkling in your Happy Home with the Bunny Laundry Decorator Set!
  • Buckets, mops, brushes, and heaps of little details to make the laundry room just has fun to decorate as any other room!
  • Includes 3 medium Petkins, 8 small Petkins, 4 mini Petkins, 2 tiles, and a collector's guide

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