Robotikits Rookie Solar Racer v2 | Solar Powered Vehicle | DIY Robotic Toy


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OWI's farm system has cultivated yet another possible Rookie of the Year prospect. Rookie Solar Racer v2 is a redesigned version of the original Rookie Solar Racer. The modernized variant possesses all the qualities of a five tool player: strength, power, speed, building, and cost effectiveness. Rookie Solar Racer v2 will bring excitement, a fun-filled learning experience and moments of greatness. Let's work together to be a part of the larger conversation of energy efficiency and celebrate environmental friendliness and sustainability. Empower your children with the knowledge to make our world a better place to live. For ages 8 and up. Includes 20 assembly partsSolar panel (no batteries required)


  • BUILD YOUR OWN RACER - This DIY kit allows kids to build their very own solar powered mini vehicle. If your child has a science fair coming up, this may be the perfect project for them to complete. Kids will learn about mechanics, motors and robotics with their Rookie Solar Racer v2 kit.
  • WATCH YOUR RACER ZOOM BY - The Robotikits Rookie Solar Racer v2 is designed for speed, while still being study with its strong metal base. The racer’s lightweight design is optimal for quickness, so kids will have fun racing with their friends after their Solar Racer is initially built.
  • POWERED BY THE SUN - With alternative energy playing such a pivotal role, there is no better time than now to start children on the path to learning basic concepts behind mechanics and renewable energy resources. Fortunately, this product is powered by the sun, so there are no batteries required. The racer moves in the direct sunlight and allows kids to create and use their infinite imagination.
  • EDUCATIONAL EXCITEMENT - By building their very own Solar Racer, kids are not only learning about solar energy, but are also learning about mechanics and engineering. This kit is an excellent and fun introduction to these interdisciplinary subjects while having fun with an interactive, technologically-advanced toy. This toy kit is designed for ages 8 and up.
  • S.T.E.M. LEARNING - Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, learning combines these interdisciplinary areas together for a holistic approach of education. Using academic concepts in conjunction with real-world experimentation and approaches, today’s youth become inspired to help lead the world tomorrow. Bring together the STEM subjects while creating robotic toys.

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