Remo KIDS PERCUSSION Gathering Drm 22x8 Rain For


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Product Description The Remo Kid's Gathering Drum can be played with the hands, sticks, or mallets. Kids enjoy playing this big drum solo style but have the most fun when other kids (big kids too) join in the fun, inventing cool rhythm pattern all on there own. In every respect, this 22-inch-diameter drum surrounds you with the sounds of the jungle. The drum stands 7.5 inches tall on eight, wide, rubber-reinforced feet. On the outside shell, a kaleidoscopic menagerie of wild animals are on parade. Roaming through vivid foliage are a pink monkey with yellow ears and nose, a giant yellow and orange frog with green eyes and green and pink spots, a pink and red striped snake, an elephant, and a tiger. The drumhead looks like (but probably isn't) real skin, and is reinforced below with a transparent plastic membrane. And the sound? Not at all bad. Variations of hand and finger action produce lots of different beats. --Louise Carter From the Manufacturer Gathering Drums are used to bring people together. This version by Remo is durable, colorful and fun for kids of all ages For centuries, the drum has been the heartbeat and soul of most traditional gatherings and ceremonies throughout the world. Native Americans consider the sound of the drum to be the heartbeat of the Earth and the embodiment of the body, energy and spirit of all living beings. Remo Gathering Drums are durable drums made in the tradition of fine handcrafted ethnic instruments, but constructed with pre-tuned heads and colorful drum shells. These drums are perfect for children, adults as well as group drum circles and gatherings. Gather the kids around, this drum is large enough for 2 or more players. Use the included mallets, or drum away with your hands or drumsticks. Your children will have fun playing this solo, but it's even more fun when others join in the fun. The colorful rainforest design coordinates with our other Remo Drums - put together a complete set.


  • Brand: Remo
  • Product Code: KD582201
  • 8x22 Gathering Drum
  • Acoustic on Shell
  • Part of the Remo Kid's Percussion Collection

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