Ravensburger Science X® Mini - Secret Codes 18176


$ 22.50 $ 30.00


This Ravensburger Science X Kit offers action-packed activities to crack secret codes and encrypt messages. Your child will soon turn into an expert cryptologist before you know it with this cool set. It comes with all the tools your little one will need, including decoding discs, string, templates, a mirror and much more. Hours of top-secret, closed-door playtime are about to unfold when your child delves into these secret codes for kids.

Ravensburger Science X Kit, Secret Codes:

  • Decipher hidden codes
  • Learn mirror writing
  • Write secret messages
  • 6 amazing activities
  • Kids' science kit includes:
    • 1 knot holder
    • 1 packet of string
    • 2 brass fasteners
    • 2 decoding discs
    • 1 stick of wax
    • 1 sheet of paper
    • 2 code templates
    • 1 pencil
    • 1 mirror
    • 2 straws
    • Detailed instruction manual
  • Provides hours of entertainment for your child
  • Nurtures your little one's natural curiosity for problem-solving
  • Ideal choice for a birthday or holiday gift

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