Ravensburger Science X® Mini - Dinosaurs 18182


$ 22.50 $ 30.00


Take a trip through the Jurassic age! Create your own nautilus fossil, excavate a Megalosaurus tooth, build a T-Rex skeleton, and more ? this in-depth dino discovery kit includes directions and supplies for 6 awesome archeological activities. Can you dig it?

  • Instructions and supplies for 6 awesome dino-activities
  • Includes the following materials:
  • Plaster and nautilus form for nautilus fossil creation
  • Excavation block containing Megalosaurus tooth replica
  • Plaster and Archaeopteryx for feathered dinosaur activity
  • Shaped panels of Pteranodon for dino flight challenge
  • Complete T-Rex skeleton
  • Provides an introduction to archaeology
  • For ages 8+

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