Ravensburger Science X® Mini - 3D Optics 18177


$ 22.50 $ 30.00


Science X - 3D Optics Kit - 6 Stereoscope Activities By Ravensburger Where Science, Fun and Learning Collide! Explore the World Through Science X!Study the Special effects and optical illusions linked to 3D imagery with the 6 Amazing Activities in this Optics Kit. Discover the secrets of the third dimension and find out how 3D optics really works. These fascinating activities will teach you how to use 3D glasses as well as make a stereoscope that turns two flat images into a 3-dimensional object! You can investigate 3D images supplied with the kit as well as create your own 3D drawings. Build your own stereoscopic viewer and create moving images. Contents: 3D Glasses, 2 Magnifying Lenses, 1 Stereoscope, 1 Packet of String, 4 Stereoscopic Image Cards, Tissue Paper, 3D Drawing Card, 3D Cage Image Card, 3D Image Cards, 1 Plastic Ball, Detailed Instruction Manual Recommended for ages 8 and up with Adult Supervision

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