Ravensburger Original Mandala Designer Ocean Playset


$ 35.59 

Original Mandala-Designer Classic - Drawing Kit. The included Mini Mandala Stencil Fits into the Large Stencil for even more design possibilities! If you like designing classic Mandalas or Mandalas within Mandalas there are no limits to your creativity! Simply place a piece of paper between the plastic frame and stencil, and you are ready to start. Each time you want to repeat a pattern on your Mandala, just move the stencil by one arrow. Trace, then color it in - and you have designed your own Mandala. If you have the Mandala-Drawing machine, you can use the templates with this too! Includes: 1 Frame, 1 Large Mandala Stencil, 1 Small Mandala Stencil, 10 Sheets of Paper, 1 Felt Tip Pen, 3 Colored Pencils. For ages 6 and up.


  • Create your own Mandalas
  • Includes everything needed for your project, even paper!
  • Additional mini stencil fits into large stencil for even more design possibilities
  • Age-appropriate stencils guarantee success
  • Endless design combinations

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