Ravensburger Frozen™ Winter Adventures (3 x 49 pc Puzzles) 09264


$ 18.00 $ 24.00

  • Includes three 49 piece jigsaw puzzles
  • Each completed puzzle measures 8" x 8" 
  • 3 x 49 piece Puzzles in a Box
  • Cut from high quality recycle green board, and packaged within a shrink-wrapped box
  • Strong pieces that won't break
  • Grained paper ensures a glare-free picture
  • Ravensburger's cutting perfection results in precision interlocking
  • Puzzles help support a child's development as they play
  • While piecing together various shapes and sizes to discover a bigger picture, a child develops concentration and creativity
  • Backside of each Puzzle included in this 3 piece set is coded so they can be easily distinguished

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