Ravensburger Arts & Crafts Large Craft Sets - Bead Magic Weaving Loom 18550


$ 52.50 $ 70.00


The Ravensburger Bead Magic Weaving Loom allows children to create their own fashionable jewelry. It comes with all the equipment needed for kids to make pretty necklaces, bracelets and more. This bead weaving loom also includes easy-to-follow detailed instructions to help your child make uniquely customized pieces. It's a fun, entertaining craft for kids to do at home alone or with friends. It contains 1,500 beads in five colors with eight shaped like hearts and flowers to add a sweet touch to the designs. A blunt needle is included to help sew the jewelry in place. This bead loom has 52' of embroidery thread in three different colors to help get things started. It is suitable for children ages 6 and older. This kit will provide hours of creative fun that is sure to keep your little one happy. It also has vibrant colors that make it simple to keep track of the pieces. Once your child is finished its compact size allows the loom to be easily stored back inside of the box.

Ravensburger Weaving Loom:

  • Create your own jewelry
  • Easy-to-follow templates
  • Fun crafting project
  • Also allows the freedom to craft your own designs
  • Bead weaving loom includes:
    • 1 weaving loom
    • 1,500 beads in 5 colors
    • 4 heart beads
    • 4 flower beads
    • 52' of embroidery thread in 3 different colors
    • 1 blunt threading needle
    • Detailed instructions
  • Bead loom is recommended for children ages 6 and up

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