Ravensburger Adult Puzzles Puzzle Accessories - Puzzle Conserver Permanent 17954


$ 15.00 $ 20.00


With this ready-to-use Ravensburger Puzzle Glue, you can preserve a jigsaw puzzle picture and even frame it and put it on your wall. Why waste hours and hours putting a puzzle together only to take it apart again? This special puzzle adhesive leaves your puzzle looking tip-top because the glue dries clear. One bottle of this jigsaw puzzle glue seals eight 500-piece puzzles or four 1,000-piece puzzles. Although this is a Ravensburger product, it works with other puzzle brands just as efficiently. This puzzle adhesive is a superb choice for people who love puzzles.

Ravensburger Puzzle Glue:

  • Conserves jigsaw puzzles
  • Adhesive
  • Dries clear with a glossy finish
  • Apply with a sponge applicator (included)
  • Seals eight 500-piece puzzles or four 1,000-piece puzzles

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