Ravensburger Adult Puzzles 500 pc Large Format Puzzles - Positano 14876


$ 27.00 $ 36.00


Experience a trip to Italy without leaving your living room with the Ravensburger Positano Large Format 500-Piece Puzzle. As the sun hangs over the horizon amidst puffy pink clouds, charming villas extend down the mountainside to the sea itself. The toy puzzle is very detailed, including the spring flowers on the balcony, the sailing ships in the bay, the way the sunlight dances off a dome and the rugged mountain cliffs in the distance. This Ravensburger puzzle is not only challenging to put together, it's also fun to assemble, thanks to the large format pieces that are easy to handle and see. With the Softclick technology, you'll almost feel the pieces snap together. This Ravensburger Positano Large Format 500-Piece Puzzle is made in Germany from handmade cutting tools. The company uses heavy-duty cardboard and linen-based paper to make the pieces easier to handle and reduce glare.

Ravensburger Positano Large Format Puzzle, 500 Pieces:

  • Number of pieces: 500
  • Ravensburger puzzle size: 27" x 20"
  • Model# 14876

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