Ravensburger Adult Puzzles 500 pc Large Format Puzzles - Beautiful Vista 14852


$ 27.00 $ 36.00


The Ravensburger Beautiful Vista Large Format Puzzle will bring you a work of art that is fun to put together by yourself or with your friends and family. This project offers superb quality and a great level of detail that you can work on whenever you have free time. The Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle comes with large pieces that are easy to see and handle, making this project fun to link up. It is made to be worked on by children and adults 12 years and above so the family can enjoy it together.

Ravensburger Beautiful Vista Large Format Puzzle, 500 Pieces:

  • An ideal way to relax after a long day
  • Fun family entertainment
  • 500-piece puzzle offers superb quality
  • A whole new world of puzzling fun
  • Each piece is unique and fully interlocking
  • Vast array of shapes formed by handcrafted cutting tools

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