R - The Original Braverats Game


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"Since the sudden passing of the benevolent King, the country has been in turmoil. As there was no direct successor to the throne, the people are spending their days in anxiety, unsure of their future." From Seiji Kanai, inventor of Love Letter, this limited edition promotional version of BraveRats from Blue Orange Games features the original Japanese art as it was first published in Japan under the name "R." The cards are written in English, and rules included are provided in both English and French. Out-think and out-bluff your opponent, in this War-like card game for 2 players. Each of your cards has their own strength and unique special power, and it is up to you to use them at the correct time. At the beginning of the game, any card can be defeated, but each turn you must play one of your remaining cards. So each turn, your options dwindle. Plan ahead, and be especially wary of the enemy's Princess! While she may not be strong in battle, if your Prince meets her in combat, Love will overcome him and he will surrender your entire fight for the kingdom. The first player to win 4 points has earned enough influence to win the game as king of the realm.


  • The original Braverats game
  • A unique "war" style card game
  • Original art from Kanai's long-time collaborator Noboru Sugiura
  • All 26 of the inventor's original ways of playing this War-like bluffing game
  • Includes 16 playing cards

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